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  • The company does not take any responsibility for leakage, shortage, breakage, soilage by sun, ran water or weather. sender is responsible for proper packing.
  • Fresh fruit are carried at the absolute risk of the sender as they are opt to be soiled in the way.
  • The company will send goods at the earliest opportunity in lot or in part lot according to their conveniencec.
  • The goods will be delivered against payment of all charges to the holder of this G.R. in original and company will not be held responsible for wrong delivery
  • The goods will be delivered at destination to the instruction of consignor at the risk.
  • The delivery of the goods will have to be taken within two days after their arrival at the destination failing which the same will be liable demmurage of R!;. 1/- per quintal per day.
  • If there is any claim on account of this goods receipt the same shall have to be made within 10 days from the date of delivery or issue goods receipt failing which same will be considered Null & void.
  • The company take absolutely no responsibility due brak down of vehicle en route and of the consiquence there of.
  • When once the delivery is given against the receipt no claim can be entertained after that on its accounts.
  • If the Octroi of customs people assess the goods wrongly.We will not responsible for their fault and and claim. If any shall made in such items from the Octroi themselves by the consignee or consignor as the case may be.
  • If any difference is found on actual weight as compared G.R. and to goods themselves the company will recover full charges at the destination for actual weight found plus 25% extra.
  • If the goods G.R. do not arrive at the destination within 15 days the sender shoul server the company with the time as otherwise the company will not be responsible or claim there after on any account.
  • If the consignee does not take delivery of goods within one month the company reserve the right of putting the same to public action without any notice for recovery of the dues under the goods. Receipt and for shortage will proceed against the sender.
  • The company does not take responsibility of goods against. Loss of damage fire, theft, oilferage and non delivery the goods are not booked at company's risk.
  • All disputes which can not be settled amicably will have recourse to the court of law at Faridabad and not any other place.
  • The company do not undertake any obligation to rebbok the goods from destination.